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Collaborate and Create Knowledge

The Immanuel Institute of Social Sciences (IISS) is a research-driven business school. IISS undertakes research that improvises new solutions to emerging business challenges, providing a bridge for the discrepant yet developing economy.

IISS aims at fostering greater industry-academia collaboration. We believe that organisations can partner us to enhance knowledge-creation and finding solutions to some of the biggest business questions we need to answer. Do explore the ways in which we can collaborate with your organisation.


Custom programmes at IISS are driven to deliver – to tailor-make learning solutions to drive business performance and growth for your organisation. We design and deliver learning solutions that address imperative strategic learning needed by an organisation to grow. Whether it is for developing your next generation leadership, enhanced customer relationship, creating a high-performing sales force, change management, we can co-create an appropriate learning solution that ensures organisational delivery. We also provide impact assessment for learning initiatives to quantify the ROI.
Our specialised team of learning professionals has several years of experience in designing and delivering customised solutions for companies across diverse verticals.

A Customer Centric Approach
At the CCA unit we believe that successful learning solutions begin from understanding your business challenges. So our team begins by understanding about your organisation, the expected outcome of the learning need and gets inputs from all the stakeholders. This helps us developing & precisely designing solutions specific to your needs.

At IISS we understand business

Executive education is as much about strategic learning as it is about understanding business. Too often programmes are designed by academics and they fail to meet the demands of real life – contrary to that we believe in "Real World, Real Learning". Our programme design experts have strong business understanding as well as experience in developing business relevant programmes, thus ensuring to drive business performance and growth of your organization

The R & D Team at IISS (Immanuel Institute of Social Sciences) have more than 10 years of experience with a proven track record across different functions and diverse industries. Real time work experience of our Team with GPTW ranked and Fortune 500 companies have developed a deep domain expertise and a rich knowledge base across several industries. Oil and Gas

  • Banking, Financial Services and Insurance
  • Manufacturing
  • Automobile
  • Information Technology
  • Staffing
  • Logistics
  • Telecommunications
  • Hospitality
  • Allied Medical Services
  • Information Technology enabled Services

Outstanding Faculty

IISS's unique permanent and visiting faculty portfolio further testifies that each learning module is delivered by a faculty who has a proven track record. While the international faculty brings the latest in global management thinking. The Indian faculty ensures the necessary national and regional context.

Immediate Applicable Learning

The learning programme customised for you deals with issues of strategic importance to your organisation done with the motto to deliver maximum benefit. By applying the learning immediately, participants not only retain their learning better, but also help solve business problems that matter thus creating a lasting impact.

Change Management made smooth One thing that is constant is change. IISS's customized solutions to help business navigate successfully through organizational changes. The Change Management Program will be able to incorporate manager and employee training along with sustainability coaching to ensure resilience and workforce productivity. IISS's expertise, tools have been developed to empower leaders, teams and individuals embrace and accept change in their current business environment, and entails thoughtful planning and sensitive implementation in an effort to retain critical talent during times of change specially in today's volatile economy.

Focus on Leadership Development

Immanuel's leadership development expertise enables you to address a wide range of requirements related to identifying and developing leadership skill at all levels of your carrier. we partner with you to design and implement multi-faceted leadership development programs including training, coaching, action learning and business acumen mentoring.

Our customized, individual and group blended learning approaches are designed so your critical talent experiences development that is sustainable and that your organization realizes a positive impact on business results. Through structured and innovative approaches, we will partner with you to establish the critical components of a successful leadership development plan.